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Hi I’m Katharina Boger!

I‘m an artist Singer/Songwriter in Pop music!  

On November 24 I was born in Kasachstan.

Exactly, the country where also Borat came from :)! 

Since the age of 4 I grew up in Germany. 

Ever since I can remember I do music! I loved nothing better than standing in front of mirrors or people and perform. Every remote-control was my mic. 

During school days I also took part in choirs and played piano by ear! 

Because of moving from Kasachstan to Germany my parents had a different focus and less time to invest in my musical talent. That’s why I just started taking lessons after graduating university,  when I was able to organize everything on my own.

But since that day I put all my energy in music.

From music theory to playing keys, from dance lessons to even travel in every country I need to learn and to develop my skills. 

Currently I spend a lot of time in LA where I feel like home and where people understand how to create the music I love and where I can create all what I was always dreaming about!

I think Angels and Devils rule over me

and that‘s why I have so many stories to tell and to write songs about!

My little Angel loves people. I like to get to know new people, am very touchy and like to share energy with them. 

But there’s also my little Devil who hates it when people try to set limits and tell me something is impossible. I believe in a Never-Give-Up and Fight-For-Your-Goals attitude. 

As soon as I´ve reached one goal I´ve always gotta find a new one.

I always wanna get better and burn for new experiences. 

Maybe it’s because I’m a fire sign -Sagittarius- with an angelic protection ;)!

My little Devil is sassy, wild and loves sexy dresses! 

I love to fight and being right :)! 


What you get when you’re with me: 


I will always show that the impossible is possible when you never give up and try to find a way.

Even if that means to go different ways! 

You can laugh with me - ‘cause I’m hilarious but I also need to improve myself in many ways. But it will always be funny when you watch me in the learning process: 

Accent coach, vocal coaching, dancing lessons and the real me laughing about my own mistakes ;) 

But at the end I learn quick and I want to share my angels and devils with you on stage! 


I sing in English, ‘cause... - 


I don’t want to decide between one of my native languages Russian/German. 

Beyond that I don’t like limits and English is the main language world wide, means more people are able to understand my lyrics.

And who knows, when I’m perfect in English maybe I also sing  in Spanish one day ;)! 

I always reach for new goals and Spanish is one of my favourite languages. Most people think I’m Latina, so who knows!

Music is not a language it’s a feeling, right!?

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